Think Out Loud With Me

S3 E5: TOLWM + Thais Harris x Hello Beautiful, I Love You

January 21, 2024 Thais Harris Season 3 Episode 5
Think Out Loud With Me
S3 E5: TOLWM + Thais Harris x Hello Beautiful, I Love You
Think Out Loud With Me
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Show Notes
Think Out Loud With Me is my medicine, and every episode is a dose of love that heals me, empowers me, and makes me a better version of myself. Visiting with Thais Harris, my guest today who brings her magic as a board-certified holistic nutritionist to help women love themselves into their ideal body, vibrant health, and an outstanding life, is no exception to the power of connection and community.

I met Thais as a part of the author group that helped our soul sister, Tina Green, bring The Life-Changing Power of Self Love to life this past November. We reached bestselling status together and now get an opportunity to share extended space learning more about one another’s gifts and stories.

Gathering evidence of our glorious selves, if even in the smallest ways, balancing values, the D.I.E.T. we practice, discovering self-reliance and self-healing, and the simple act of looking in the mirror and telling ourselves, "I love you," are all sweet, easy topics we touch. Thais is a beautiful, intelligent, welcoming human I am happy to introduce to my listeners.

Thais Harris, BCHN, can be found online in several ways. Write her at or visit her Website, Instagram, and Facebook. She even gives you a taste of her healing touch with a free PDF download: 3 Mindset Shifts to Love Yourself Into Better Health.

She wrote Chapter 19, "No More Cringing in the Mirror: What Skin Cancer Taught Me About Self-Love," in The Life-Changing Power of Self Love. She is also the author of a children's book, Little Red. Both books can be purchased on her website's media page.

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