Think Out Loud With Me

S3 E4: TOLWM + Stephanie Urbina Jones x Being Held, Holding Yourself

January 15, 2024 Stephanie Urbina Jones Season 3 Episode 4
Think Out Loud With Me
S3 E4: TOLWM + Stephanie Urbina Jones x Being Held, Holding Yourself
Think Out Loud With Me
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Show Notes

It was a perfect day to ponder. Single digits outside, warm and safe inside. Both my home and my heart were quiet, settled. That I got to plug in and connect with a soul sister to think out loud together in this state was especially sweet. I’ve been waiting for the stars to align so that we could spend this time in our own sort of ceremony, sharing and wondering out loud about our journeys. 

Stephanie Urbina Jones is a singer, teacher, best-selling author, sister, friend, mother, wife, and lover of life who brings her passion and experience of living a life of creative freedom to people all over the world.

This rockstar shamama has a passion for transformation and is a living example of not only dreaming but bringing those dreams to life. She recently released a fantastic album, Manuel’s Destiny, and is touring with her Honky Tonk Mariachi spreading her spicy love across Texas, Tennessee, Mexico and everywhere in between. You'll find her and her Honky Tonk Mariachi next on January 23rd live at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville!

Whether she is writing a song, writing a best-selling book, performing, or leading sacred journeys of transformation as co-founder of Freedom Folk and Soul where I was blessed to meet her, Stephanie is following her heart and chiseling out her soul.

Since meeting one another in the fall of 2022, Stephanie and I have grown a connection and trust that has been critical to my healing and mental health. You'll hear firsthand how readily she shares her heart's story and life's journey and creates a safe space for others to do the same. I treasure time with her, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share our conversation with listeners.

If you are motivated to reach out to SUJ, you've many ways to do so. She has classes and experiences on the near horizon, music to enjoy, and books to read. 

You can even dabble in Stephanie's fantastic fashion in Frida's ClosetTake a moment and connect. <3

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