Think Out Loud With Me

S3 E2: TOLWM + Madrone Kalil x Love in the Pain, Beauty in Death

December 20, 2023 Madrone Kalil Season 3 Episode 2
Think Out Loud With Me
S3 E2: TOLWM + Madrone Kalil x Love in the Pain, Beauty in Death
Think Out Loud With Me
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Show Notes

As Winter Solstice settles in, sit with me for a few minutes and meet Madrone Kalil, a beautiful human who commits her every day to creating a conscious community through mindfulness. She is the founder of Taproot Journeys, offering her clients opportunities to explore how their taproot has been nurtured or neglected and how they can grow one that is stronger. Having a strong taproot allows us to hold strong as our life shakes.

Madrone teaches me more about having compassion for those who experience chronic pain, and what's different between pain and suffering. Too, there's a difference between grieving and mourning, and as an End of Life Doula, Madrone weaves a space where we can talk about the magick in death and the importance of grief muscles.

A wild and witchy womyn, Madrone is a skilled community weaver, and you'll appreciate quickly how she creates space and helps others discover and wonder about their own spirit and potential. You can find her story, her coaching offerings, and other ways to engage my wonderful guest at the following links:


Finally, Madrone and I met as co-authors in bringing The Life-Changing Power of Self-Love: An Essential Guide by Tina Green to life and Amazon bestseller status. Find her Chapter 7: Finding Love in the Pain Points and other courageous stories in the pages of your own copy here.

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