Think Out Loud With Me

S2 E8: Think Out Loud With Me + Seth Rohrer x Unconditional Love of Self, Sacrifice

May 07, 2023 Seth Rohrer Season 2 Episode 8
Think Out Loud With Me
S2 E8: Think Out Loud With Me + Seth Rohrer x Unconditional Love of Self, Sacrifice
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Seth Rohrer has fought hard for his own congruency. He has firsthand knowledge of the struggle with self to be real, to come to terms with half-truths and self-limiting beliefs, and literally take the leap, develop radical trust in the universe, and embrace life. I’m just getting to know him myself, and I’m grateful for the chance to do a little digging with him in this episode. His perspective is special.

Seth and I discuss the balance of masculine and feminine in each of us, unconditional love, and the ongoing journey to joy and self-actualization. He'll tell you, "It is NEVER selfish to choose your heart first." Sacrificing the old for the real can be incredibly scary and painful, and the fear of the unknown thwarts most people's progress, but the hardest truth you'll fight for is YOUR OWN.

You'll enjoy his voice and his thoughts and guidance. Consider joining Seth and his beautiful wife Angel in the Bytes Of Light Den where you will find love, support, and assistance as part of a pack that celebrates your awakening to new gifts, applauds newfound awareness, and encourages you to bring your fears into the light of their safe container.

If you are ready for more focused one-on-one work, Seth is happy to assist you in rediscovering your inner power and your personal truth. And guys, you can join Seth on social media and check out his website to see how he can be of higher service to you in further creating your beautiful story of life.

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Meet Seth
Repping the Masculine
Witnessing Others
Masculine Feminine Balance
Beauty in Pain
Journey to Alignment
Sacrificing the Old for the New
Defend Your Truth
But Who Are You?
Next for The Rohrer Revolution
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