Think Out Loud With Me

S2 E6 : Think Out Loud With Me + Kimberly x Fools in a Flow State

April 02, 2023 Kimberly Millstone Season 2 Episode 6
Think Out Loud With Me
S2 E6 : Think Out Loud With Me + Kimberly x Fools in a Flow State
Think Out Loud With Me
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Meet Kimberly Millstone. Kimberly embraces the qualities of an Astrologer, Intuitive Life Coach, Artist and Writer. She’s an empathic channel who brings in vibrational transmissions through written and spoken words and her paintings. Her work centers on lighting a path to each person’s unique and sovereign heart as she works with the energies of love, compassion, peace, and joy to remind us all of these qualities which are our true nature. Kimberly brings star magic to the mundane, translating astrology into everyday usefulness, so we can know how loved we are by the cosmos.

In Chapter 15 of Shaman Heart: Sacred Rebel, the book coming at the end of May in which we will both be featured with two dozen others with lead authors Stephanie Urbina Jones and Jeremy Pajer, Kimberly tells a story called Loving Yourself the Most.” I’ve invited her to chat with me about her beautiful life and the magic touch she offers.

Together, Kimberly and I dive into conversation about the massive reset our world is experiencing, the wisdom and guidance the younger generation offers us, mindsets and mental fitness, living in a flow state, and especially yummy, Kimberly's gift as an astrologer. I have had the blessing of spending special time with this beautiful woman, and I'm extremely pleased to share her voice and visions with you.

Listen in, and I encourage you to connect with her online, too, and experience her magic.


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Monologue: The Fool
Meet Kimberly
Life Happening For Us
We Are All Starting Over
The Highly Conscious Younger Generation
Don't vs Do
Kimberly's Mental Fitness Routine
Living in a Flow State
The Gift of Astrology
Connect With Kimberly