Think Out Loud With Me

S2 E5 : Think Out Loud With Me + Kim E. x The Beauty of Healing Ways

March 29, 2023 Kim Eden Season 2 Episode 5
Think Out Loud With Me
S2 E5 : Think Out Loud With Me + Kim E. x The Beauty of Healing Ways
Think Out Loud With Me
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There's a saying, “Your mind is like an unsafe neighborhood; don't go there alone.” On my recent journeys to Mexico, I found a sister to hold my hand as I continue to walk in mine. She’s my guest in Episode 5.

Kim Eden is an Intuitive Empath, PSYCH-K® Practitioner, Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner, Holistic Herbalist, Hypnosis Practitioner, and Life Coach. But these, as she says, are just labels. The reality is that Kim is an energetic being having a human experience. 

Kim grew up on a rural desert farm in southern Arizona. She spent most of her childhood lost in her imagination. The open desert was her playground; her best friends were her horse, dogs, goats, and cats that called the farm home.

Growing up, she’ll tell you she was always the oddball and outcast. She saw the world differently, even at a young age. She could see the energy that flowed into everything. She realized she was called to help and could hold that space for others. Kim does not believe that one modality will heal everything.

This belief has led Kim to learn different modalities. For over 25 years, she has been working on her spiritual development. She has attended courses at Arthur Findlay College to study mediumship and psychic development and has numerous certifications and additional training in holistic modalities, energy psychology, and energy work. She has traveled to learn with shamans, Maestros, and healers throughout North and South America. She is a perpetual student of the world. In 2020 Kim opened Peaceful Path. Through her private practice, she works with individuals to break free of their limiting beliefs, does energy healing, and conducts shamanistic ceremonies to help with additional spiritual support a person may need.

In Chapter 11 of Shaman Heart: Sacred Rebel, the book hitting the shelves in May in which we will both be featured with two dozen others including lead authors Stephanie Urbina Jones and Jeremy Pajer, Kim tells a story called "The Broken Path," and shares very special medicine for freeing oneself from limiting beliefs. 

Listen in as we think out loud about the beauty of healing, the paths we walk, and the relief we find when we lean into our shadows for the lessons and love we have for ourselves.

Kim can be found just outside Nashville, TN, for in-person work, or online at or Follow her at and keep an eye out as she develops her YouTube channel at

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