Think Out Loud With Me

S2 E4 : Think Out Loud With Me + Linda C. x Hope and Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse

March 22, 2023 Natalie P. Season 2 Episode 4
Think Out Loud With Me
S2 E4 : Think Out Loud With Me + Linda C. x Hope and Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse
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Linda Castor, RN, LCPC, is a human I now call friend and sister after spending an unforgettable week of adventure and self-discovery together in Teotihuacan, Mexico. Linda and I will be featured together as authors in Shaman Heart: Sacred Rebel, a collaboration of journeyers sharing their truths that is scheduled for release in May.

In addition, Linda's determination to help others is coming to life in the pages of a recent project, Brainwashed From Birth: How to Completely Free Yourself from Narcissistic Indoctrination,  a self-help book about healing and reclaiming life after narcissistic abuse in which she shares first-hand experience as a survivor and thriver and offers practical ways to help those struggling to fully recover. Through her powerfully crafted words, she teaches readers how to deprogram from the narcissist’s insidious brainwashing and reclaim personal freedom to manifest their greatest dreams and desires.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a very real mental health challenge, and many don't know they are in the midst of very troubling, damaging situations. In this episode, Linda dives into the definition of narcissism and shares hope for those who are recovering from abusive relationships and unwinding themselves from the control of their abusers. You'll find the conversation thoughtful and enlightening. Listen in.

You can find Linda online at Her background and magic are worth considering if you are seeking support! And if you've experiences and/or input to share with her of your own struggles and triumphs, please get in touch.

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