Think Out Loud With Me

S2 E3: Think Out Loud With Me + Toni Nagy x People Pleasing, Boobs, Mental Health + More

October 06, 2022 Toni Nagy Season 2 Episode 15
Think Out Loud With Me
S2 E3: Think Out Loud With Me + Toni Nagy x People Pleasing, Boobs, Mental Health + More
Show Notes

I'll tell ya what's next. This little chat is fresh off the Zoom Room floor. I found a new friend, her name is Toni Nagy. Lemme read you a little bit of what's online about this fantastic human who agreed to think out loud with me.

Toni Nagy is a stand-up comic that’s quasi–radical, somewhat-existential, and mostly funny. Her comedy is like an acid trip, but with equal opportunity genital jokes. She’s also a writer, film-maker, sketch comedy creator, and co-dependent (if that's ok with you). 

Toni is a filmmaker that has written/ edited/directed/and acted in over 50 sketch comedy videos that together have upwards of 1.5 million views.

Cavelight Productions is her independent media company. She's a dancer. She dances like a - my words now - like a woman possessed with the spirits of awesome, free, empowering, engaging, YUM!

I personally found her magic on Instagram - she has hundreds of thousands of followers across'll find her...I did and fell in love with her crazy! Cuz she's crazy talented! I'm talking from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes. Lovely. And she's committed to being a good person.

Toni and I connected this morning. Me in my cozy, colorful Colorado corner, while she piped in from her yard in New Hampshire. Besides an opening that is likely similar in feeling to being lost in the very deep woods and a super awkward left turn about BOOBS that I guess I needed to get off my chest 😬 I'd confidently say our first encounter was as meaningful and enjoyable as I anticipated.  

She's great. Listen in. Find her online. Toni's the real deal. I'm really tickled to be able to think out loud with her.

IG @toninagy
FB @toni.nagy
YT @toninagy

Just google her! NOW! OK, Ok, now listen...

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